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in the 4th dimension!

With SpaceTime, you can post your messages for the future and you can locate them on a map.

They will be secured and delivered on time thanks to the BlockChain.

Languages: English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish and Italian. Other languages coming soon.

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Add photos, videos, and texts to your messages

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Define your message

  • Recipients
  • Delivery date
  • One or multiple locations
  • Groups of users
  • Channels
  • Duration

Past, present and future

  • Send message in the future
  • Receive message from the past
  • Retrieve geolocated message when you are nearby...

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SpaceTime is available on Smartphone everywhere in the world.

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SpaceTime App on smartphone iOS and Android


We created SpaceTime to help you leave messages in time or geo-located in space to your family, loved ones or friends. Some of your messages are personal and confidential, so we've implemented end-to-end encryption within our application. When encrypted end-to-end, your messages, photos, videos, voicemails and documents are secure from falling into the wrong hands. In addition, messages you post for more than a year are certified using the BlockChain to ensure the authenticity of the message and its sender when you receive it.


If you want to post high quality photos, videos, audio recordings. If you want to script your documents, record your stories, customize your contents, call on our partner "Eternel.Life".


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